Friday, May 11, 2012

The Kid's Bathroom - Before & Demo

Hey Folks!  Okay, this week has been, well, stressful to say the least.  Sometimes (most times), things are just out of my control.  I've spent some time feeling sorry for myself and worrying about things this week, only to be reminded how blessed I am.  Life has hiccups, that's just the way it is.  And the hiccups I have experienced are soooo minor, so insignificant.  I am blessed and I am grateful.  So, it's late on Friday night and lets just consider the things and problems of this week a thing of the past.  K? 

Now, how 'bout some upstairs bathroom pics to brighten up your day?

Upstairs Bathroom
This bathroom has two entrances,  one from the hallway and one from a bedroom.  I don't know if the entrance to the bedroom is really necessary and we still have time to wall it off, so feel free to leave me your thoughts on the matter!  Pretty please??  I like the bathtub.  There, I said it.  It feels nostalgic to me and I know it is old (please, let it be old).  From what I can find online, these corner bathtubs with the apron were beginning to be installed in homes during the 1920's.  This particular one has an Art Deco feel to it, but I can't be sure until I look on the bottom side of it.  Hopefully, I can do that this weekend.  I'll let you know what I find out!  If it says 1985, well, what you don't know won't hurt you...  Update:  I found out the tub "was born"  in 1941!  Not quite as old as I thought, but I still like it.  :-)

I lobbied to keep this tub, please let it be old! 

We will install a tile surround and add a shower.  In order to maintain the corner look of the tub, I have asked that we install an "L" shaped shower curtain rod.  Here's hoping the kiddos can keep the water in the bathtub instead of all over the floor!  

Speaking of the floor, have you noticed the peel and stick white tiles?  The good news is that they peel right off the floor.  We will put down some porcelain or ceramic tiles and we have one style in mind but I'll save that for later.  ;-)

Lovely floor tiles
I'm not sure if you can tell by the pics, but the walls are actually a thin veneer of wood painted white with mint green trim.  I think it gives a nice spa like feel to the room, I think I'll go do some yoga now...  Okay, zen moment is over...  The pedestal sink is leaving and will hopefully find a new home with a Craigslist shopper soon, along with the medicine cabinet and light fixtures. 

The ceiling is an interesting thing.  There are ceiling tiles glued to the drywall on the ceiling.  I can't really understand why the tiles are there since the drywall is there.  However, the drywall  was never taped and bedded (is that how you say it??)  Maybe it was easier to put the tiles up than try to tape, bed and texture.  I love a good mystery, but I'll probably never know the answer to this one.  It doesn't really matter though, because guess what?  Brian loves demo, I mean he loves it!  I know he gets sore and worn out from it, but I know he wouldn't keep tearing things out if he didn't truly enjoy it in some way.

Ceiling tiles to match the floor tiles, symmetry is calming. 

Now that you have seen what the bathroom looked like before Brian got his hammer and pry bar going, here is a picture of the demo.  As you can see the bathtub is the only survivor!  

Who needs serenity when you can tear out the entire bathroom?? 

This week, I am grateful for hiccups because they remind me of how many deep breaths I have.  ( okay, it's late and I'm a cornball...)   How awesome it is that even though things don't always work the way that I planned, they always work out.  Worrying and fretting doesn't help.  Working out a back up plan seems reassuring.  But, guess what, I don't really need "back up plan insurance" because my path has already been cleared and lit for me.


  1. How much fun this all is! What are you worried about?...its all good! Whenever I start a new project I NEVER have a clue how it'll turn out I just do my best till its done! ...then I excitedly look at my surprise outcome...I LOVE that part!

    1. Not worried anymore, but it was mostly about the timing of the project and being able to be out of our current house so that our renter can move in. It's all good now! I'm soooo looking forward to the surprise outcome! :-)


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