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Howdy folks!  My name is Jen and together with my most awesome husband we have three beautiful, funny and really busy children (I'm pretty sure any family with any number of children is busy these days!)  We're just beginning our newest experience into the world of rehabilitating and restoring an old farmhouse and even though this is our sixth house in the 17 years of our marriage, we hope it is our last!  

It wasn't long into our marriage that we realized we have a real love for old homes.  We started out in a little 1940's brick rancher, then two houses later and a new town we renovated an adorable bungalow in the heart of a fabulous historic district.  We've been searching for the perfect old house ever since we moved the family out to an even smaller town and I think we've finally found our panacea in this wonderful 1910 farmhouse.

Much like small towns, old houses have their own stories.  There is something about a house and its history that is like reading a book that you just can't put down.  So, as we renovate and prepare the house for our family and stories, we are also uncovering the history of this home.  We're starting on chapter one, so get your reading glasses, a nice cup of hot tea and pull up a chair as the story unfolds!

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