Monday, July 9, 2012

Big Things are Happening at the Farmhouse!

I would like to be here, now.

During the Winter and Fall, when my kiddos are in school, I always look forward to Summer.  Yes, I love Summer (even in Texas).  Not just because of the sunshine-y days and going on vacation, but because of the time we can spend together as a family.  The time spent when we don't have to be anywhere.  When I'm not telling the kids to "pick up the pace" because we're going to be late.  I'm sure that's why we say we truly enjoy the lazy days of Summer.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Boys and Their Toys

Father and Son
Part of the renovation process has been repairing the front porch and prepping it for a new paint job.  So, hubs has taken this job on himself.  It has been a tough job involving a grinder, a sander, goggles and a dust mask.  The sweat and cuts (oops!) seem to be just part of the job.  So, while I was at home this weekend with our sweet daughter helping her recover from a tonsillectomy, Hubby took our son over to the house to work on the porch.  Father and son together working on a project, that's a good thing.

What up?
The boys made a trip to the dump and then picked up a load of porch boards to replace the rotted boards on the porch.         Apparently, the type of boards used on the porch are not your average porch boards, so we had to find a lumber supplier that specializes in hard to find wood.  Together, the boys picked up the wood and got started.  First removing the old boards then replacing them with the new.  When I stopped by, they had this system working to put the porch back together and they were using some building terminology that I am apparently unaware of.  It was interesting seeing them working together so succinctly, as if in their own construction zone world.  

So, my son turns 14 next week.  How and when did that happen?  He's growing up and I love that he wants to hang out with his Dad and learn the things children should learn.  These are skills for his life and I know that while I certainly won't forget watching them work together, I know that he won't forget that bond either.  

For that I am forever grateful.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Midway Through My Farmhouse Kitchen

What do you think you might see if you were to peek into my kitchen windows?  (I will be moving in soon and don't really care to have peeping toms, so feel free to ring the door bell!)  Anyhoo, right now you would see a big mess and a whole lotta potential!    Just in case you might have forgotten what it looked like before, here you go.
It really wasn't that long ago!

I am so excited to say that my new cabinets are installed and the new drywall has been hung and textured.  
So this happened

And this happened
Hubby has painted the ceiling the color I have chosen to use for most of the ceilings in the house, Behr - Antique White.  I know that the trend right now is to use a lighter version of the wall color for the ceiling, but I really just got overwhelmed trying to choose all of those colors and decided that using one light neutral would help the flow of the space.  Since I'm not a professional designer, take that for what it's worth.  I knew I didn't want to use flat bright white ceiling paint throughout the house. and I wanted a color that would look nice with the many wall colors I have chosen.  So there you have it!
Behr Antique White

For the walls of the kitchen, I decided to go green.  Maybe I'll remember to eat more green leafy vegetables while in my kitchen now?  I actually started out with a paint chip from Benjamin Moore in Sherwood Green.  But, since it is much easier for me to get to Home Depot, I instead chose Behr's Spring Walk.  What do you think?

Benjamin Moore - Sherwood Green HC-118

Behr - Spring Walk UL210-15

It looks like the BM color is more grey and the Behr is more green, but they are close!

Last night, we were cleaning up all of the construction mess so that the painters could come in and paint all of the cabinets and trim.  We still needed to remove the glass cabinet doors and the painted-on hardware along with the 20 year old mini blinds.  Which, by the way, I wanted to try one of those fun pinterest ideas of turning old blinds into roman shades but I couldn't do it due to the state that the blinds were in once they had been taken down.  Seriously, they did not want to come down, so the blinds had it coming to them...  I have to tell you that it was an overwhelming experience seeing the house in that state.  With all of the ceilings and walls patched and re-textured, it was like a clean slate.  Don't we all need that feeling sometime?  I am starting to feel like the house actually belongs to us and we get to start making our own new memories there.  So, today, I'm grateful for my husband and our children because we get to make those memories together!